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We are a leading Authorize Distributor in PCMC & Pune area.

We are please to introduce ourselves as leading Dealer, Distributor, Supplier and Services Provider of PRV Bathrrom Fittings and Accessories, PVC pipes & fittings, C.P (Chrome Plated) fittings, Sink & flushing Cisterns, G.I (Galvanised Iron) fittings, Tiling & Waterproofing Solutions etc. Although we are a merchant distributors we ourselves do not manufacture anything, but we only concentrate on quality, packing & delivery schedules from our Godown.

Our terms & conditions with our suppliers are very straight for quality products. We can provide all types of certificates for Quality, grades, size, weight etc. We have many Plans of Expansion & We always strive hard to Offer best Quality Products and Service to our Customers, Retailers and Builders.

Our Products

MITTAL SALES CORPORATION has ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Enterprise, meeting quality and service commitments.

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