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Mittal Sales Corporation

Mittal Sales Corporation is one of the leading Distributors of PVC Pipes and fitting, C.P (Chrome Plated) fittings, Sink and flushing Cisterns, G.I (Galvanized Iron) fittings, Tiling and Waterproofing Solutions etc.

Although we are a merchant distributors we ourselves do not manufacture anything, but we only concentrate on quality, packing & delivery schedules from our Godown. Our terms & conditions with our suppliers are very straight for quality products. We can provide all types of certificates for Quality, grades, size, weight etc.

We are growing Orgnization and we put all our efforts to provide quality services on time with competitive costing each time. We collectively work as a team, which has resulted in building lasting relationships with the client. We are confident that regardless of the size, scope or complexity of your Products, we shall be able to perform to your exact requirements.Special attention is given to the quality of our products which make us stand among the best in our fields.

We have a widespread dealers & marketing network throughout Pune & Maharashtra. All Rights Reserved @ Mittal Sales Corporation.